If you believe that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and you develop or manufacture computer products, or you invest in companies that do, then consider consulting Alfred Barchi, the principal of Alfred J. Barchi, Inc. ("AJB"). Barchi is a software architect and systems engineer with nearly 30 years of experience in the vanguard of computer technology. He possesses a unique and innovative background in high-tech troubleshooting. Barchi has applied his technical and management expertise in a variety of industries, including electric utility automation, aerospace technology, commercial graphics display and military weapons systemization.

Barchi has designed and implemented solutions for applications ranging from high-performance, real-time embedded microprocessor-based control systems, to graphics and image-processing systems, to distributed electric utility transmission and distribution automation systems, to text and language recognition systems, to real-time distributed simulation systems, to very large, globally distributed information management systems. He has also developed fully automated stress tests for large, distributed systems and has been involved in developing the architecture for web-based collaborative program management systems.

Barchi provides consultation to computer companies during the developmental phase of production. He exposes flaws in system design that will effect functionality and that may lead to product recalls. Barchi then finds solutions to these flaws.

Barchi also provides in-depth technical review and analysis of software technologies and products for investors needing to exercise due diligence.