Making Distributed Systems Stable.pdf - This paper was written as a result of a conversation with another system architect. He espoused the belief that systems could be made stable by proper modelling upfront in the design phase. This is my response.
Designing Software for Testability.pdf - Systems rarely include features that make them easy to test. This is unfortunate, since testing is an integral part of system maintenance. This paper discusses an approach to designing software systems to include these features.
How to Select a Programmer.pdf - Many engineering managers and professional recruiters fail to see software engineering as a cognitive process, and instead rely on 'buzzword' compliance in order to select 'qualified' personnel for projects. This paper discusses this issue.
Avoiding the Technology Acquisition Minefield.pdf - Technology companies are constantly merging with or acquiring other technology companies. This paper discusses why it is important to properly and thoroughly assess the technologies involved, and what can happen if you don't.
Benchmarking Methodology.pdf - In order to derive maximum benifit from your benchmarking efforts, you need to understand the quality of your data, and how much data to collect.
Designing and Implementing Applications for Performance.pdf - This paper discusses the principles involved in designing applications for performance, and the tradeoffs that need to be considered.
Throughput Capacity Planning and Application Saturation.pdf - This paper discusses the principles of throughput capacity planning, as well as describing how to calculate the throughput saturation point in servers from either test data or operational data.
Diagnosing Performance and Stability Problems with Load Testing.pdf - This paper provides a systematic approach to diagnosing various types of problems that are typically encountered when load testing applications. - One of my hobbies is airgunning. Since airguns have a very pronounced ballistic arc due to their low energy and the shape of the pellets, ballistic calculations for predicting such things as drop are important, even over relatively short ranges. There are a number of Windows-based ballistic calculators available in the Internet, either for free or for a price. But, they all seem to have one thing in common ... they have truly wretched user interfaces. So, I decided to write my own. As a result, I discovered why the user interface is so challenging for this type of application. The appendix to the 'Help' file contains an extensive discussion of why this is so, as well as how to design software for usability.